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Welcome to the Good News Ministry Christian bible study website. We are a full gospel non-denominational Christian ministry that teaches truth without tradition. We are not interested in the left or right, neither was Christ. We seek answers to right and wrong through the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. You do not need to believe as we do, we only ask that you give us a chance to share our knowledge of the scriptures with you as they are written.

We teach from the Original King James Bible along with study tools such as the Strong's concordance, Smith's bible dictionary, and King James companion bible. These tools help in translation of the original Greek and Hebrew languages, giving us the full meaning of the scriptures without any doubt.

As you might have noticed, we never ask for or accept donations. The word is to be freely given and received. (Matthew 10:8). We hope you enjoy our website and we welcome your return.

Go to the lost sheep of Israel
(Matthew 10:6)

Keep the faith,
Pastor Bart DiPlacido
Good News Ministry
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