Updated 8-18-2018

"They will seek peace, but there shall be none."
(Ezekiel 7:25)

UN chief proposes military force to protect Palestinians

US ends funding for stabilizing Syria, stresses commitment to defeating ISIS

Erdogan to Turkey: The West Is Waging 'Economic War'

Arrest made in more than 100 synthetic pot overdoses in park

Why the Roman Catholic Church continues to struggle with sexual abuse scandals

US warns no one will be 'fully pleased' by Israeli-Palestinian peace plan

Abbas: We will thwart Trump's plan, Nation-State Law

PA source: Abbas is disrupting Gaza peace agreement

Abbas says Hamas not serious about unity, US lying about Gaza

After Facebook, Hamas turns to Instagram to lure IDF soldiers, army says

Israel Launches Three-year Program to Boost Cybersecurity Industry

Turkey court rejects new appeal to free detained US pastor

Experts say Iran, N. Korea might manipulate, wait out Trump

Crypto market crash prompts suicide concerns

Andrew Cuomo shocks crowd, says America 'was never that great'

Child drownings linked to phone-distracted parents who fail to look up

Think cellphones are bad? Just watch what robots can do to kids

Children Give in to Robot Peer Pressure

NASA is running a 3D printing competition to design homes on Mars

California's largest fire ever keeps growing

U.S., Mexico tear down barriers to fight drug cartels

Christian University Caves On Homosexuality

The Catholic Church is guilty of a grave moral failure for
allowing massive sexual abuse of children

Critics slam Vatican's 'disturbing' silence on abuse cover-ups

Bishops accused of brushing off sexual abuse complaints

These Are The Chilling Stories Of Abuse Covered Up By The Catholic Church

Buddhist monk master in China resigns after sexual misconduct allegations

"Saying, Peace, peace; when there is no peace."
(Jeremiah 6:14)

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