Updated 5-25-2018

Israel to advance plans for 3,900 West Bank settler homes

Israel calls on EU to end funding to pro-boycott groups

Including Israel in anti-Semitism definition, Congress wades into political mire

Czech FM: Hamas alone responsible for deadly Gaza violence

Gaza ministry removes baby from list of people killed by Israeli army

Israel said to consider long-term cease fire with Hamas

Israeli TV airs apparently leaked photo of F-35 flying over Beirut

Strike on Syrian air base said to target Hezbollah arms depot

Iraq says suicide bomber kills 7 in northern Baghdad park

Israel accuses Iran of testing 2 missiles this year, violating UNSC resolution

UN nuclear watchdog says Iran in compliance with deal as U.S. imposes new sanctions

Putin welcomes European efforts to save Iran nuclear deal

The rising tensions between China, US

N. Korea demolishes nuclear test site as journalists watch

US official: Trump-Kim summit called off after broken N. Korea promises

Trump says US military ready if North Korea's Kim acts foolishly

Here's What We Know About Russia's Hypersonic Waverider Weapon

Two men set off bomb in restaurant in Canada, 15 wounded

Man opens fire inside Oklahoma restaurant before 'armed citizen' shoots, kills him, police say

Facebook accused of conducting mass surveillance through its apps

Rising oil prices won't hurt the economy until they hit $120 a barrel

Over 300 homes destroyed after big cracks appear in Uganda

Trace amounts of opioids found in shellfish off Seattle coast: report

Study Links Some Antidepressants, Bipolar Medications, Parkinson's Drugs To Dementia

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