Prophecy News Update 4/22/2021

Israel Bombs Syria Positions After Missile Lands Near Nuclear Site

Israel Reports Sirens Near Town of Secretive Nuclear Reactor

Netanyahu: Bennett has cut deal with Lapid to be PM of left-wing gov't

Bennett: If the Likud fails to form a government, I will form a unity government

US firms said using Israeli tech for controversial facial recognition

Israeli, UAE fighter jets fly together in large international exercise in Greece

Iran media celebrates 'explosion' at 'sensitive Israel missile factory'

Growing suspicions, frustration between US and Israel over Iran deal

Iran Nuclear Deal Talks Advance as U.S. Offers Sanctions Relief

Iran provides Yemen's Houthis 'lethal' support, U.S. official says

Chemical weapons watchdog strips Syria's rights over poison gas attacks

Middle EastErdogan replaces Turkish trade minister, more cabinet moves expected

Biden is set to officially recognize the Armenian genocide, despite warnings from Turkey it could 'worsen ties' even more

Bush Warns Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Harm Women, Girls if Taliban Retakes Power

'I stay up nights': Afghans working for US worry about their future after Biden withdrawal announcement

Four killed in bomb at Pakistan hotel hosting Chinese ambassador

U.S. considers more weapons shipments to Ukraine amid Russian buildup

Ukraine President Zelensky Is Ready for War With Russia, Vows to 'Stand to the Last Man'

Putin: Those who 'cross red line' with Russia will meet harsh response

China Presses Foreign Governments, Companies to Disregard Human Rights: US Report

Major Opposition Parties Call on German Government to Boycott Beijing Winter Olympics

Australia Cancels Belt and Road Deals; China Warns of Further Damage to Ties

Momentum Grows in Congress for Legislation Confronting China

Biden Administration Abruptly Closes Texas Migrant Facility Over Alleged 'Unbearable' Conditions

California Foster Parents Asked to Take in Unaccompanied Minors From Central America

Arizona governor declares state of emergency, sends National Guard troops to border

New Hampshire Officials Will Select Audit Team Next Week - Forensic Audit Will Be Completed in Next 45 Days

21 Black Leaders Denounce the Left's Lies About Georgia Election Law

House Dems ready to pass DC statehood Thursday, call on Senate to end filibuster to do same

Liberal dark money groups drive efforts to pack the Supreme Court

Biden DOJ's police reform agenda 'dangerous': law enforcement advocates

Garland announces sweeping police probe after Floyd verdict

Rioters in Portland Smash 2 Starbucks Stores, Assault Police Officer After Chauvin Verdict

Maxine Waters', Biden's pre-Chauvin verdict comments come under scrutiny as defense eyes appeal

McCarthy: If Chauvin Trial Gets Overturned Because of Waters' Rhetoric, 'America Itself Would Be in an Uproar'

'Maybe They Need to Feel the Pain:' Minneapolis Protestor Suggests Killing All White People

'Enemy of the People': Minneapolis Star-Tribune Publishes Biographical Information of Derek Chauvin Trial Jurors

No officers will be charged in Knoxville, Tennessee, shooting that left a 17-year-old student dead

Ohio police officer fatally shoots teenage girl who appears to hold a knife during fight, video shows

NBC News Deceptively Edits Bodycam Footage So Viewers Don't See Knife in Ma'Kiyah Bryant's
Hand Moments Before Officer Shoots Her Dead

Media, Activists, Politicians Ignore Evidence, Rush to Conclusions in Ma'Khia Bryant Shooting

The Daily Beast ripped for publishing misinformation about Columbus police shooting

Even after bodycam video shows Columbus teen was attempting stab someone when police shot her,
liberals continue to insist the officer acted improperly

Horowitz: Media coverage of Columbus shooting exposes their BLM agenda as a fraud

White House, Lebron James Attempting to Cast Ohio Shooting as Racially Motivated

White House Condemns Columbus Police Shooting Of Teenager With A Knife As Racist

Pennsylvania Wawa turns into deadly shooting scene

Jim Jordan: Republicans Consistently Condemn Violence While Democrats Pay Bail for Rioters and Looters

Hawley Calls for Breakup of Mega-Corporations That 'Want to Run Our Democracy'

Hawley: 'Absolutely Vital' GOP Moves Away from Dependence on Mega-Corporations

Delta, Coca-Cola Executives to Host Fundraiser for Democrat Who Falsely Claimed Georgia
Governor Race 'Stolen' from Stacey Abrams

FTC Nominee Khan Signals Support for Aggressive Approach on Big Tech

Rubio: 'Hypocrisy' of Nike, Pro Teams, Airlines Opposing Uighur Forced Labor Bill Needs to Be Pointed Out

The Postal Service is running a 'covert operations program' that monitors Americans' social media posts

EU outlines ambitious AI regulations focused on risky uses

China behind another hack as U.S. cybersecurity issues mount

China-Linked Hackers Used VPN Flaw to Target US Defense Industry: Researchers

90-year-old Hong Kong woman loses $32 million in phone scam

Amazon bringing palm-scanning checkout to Whole Foods stores

Commercial Airline Pilots Keep Reporting UFOs Over Canada

Elon Musk's SpaceX 'close call' crash suddenly becomes much more mysterious

US military picks 3 companies to test nuclear propulsion in cislunar space

Record-breaking flare erupts from neighboring star

More fissures are opening up at the Fagradalsfjall volcano in Iceland

Scientists race to rare volcanic eruption in Iceland

Energy unleashed by submarine volcanoes could power a continent

Typhoon "Surigae" (Bising) leaves 3 dead, 230,000 displaced in the Philippines

At least 14 dead, 8,165 displaced after flash floods hit Luanda, Angola

Over 70 million people are under freeze warnings as snow and severe storms track into Northeast

California declares emergency in state's most water-starved region

Why the Cape Town Fire Is a Devastating Loss for South African Cultural Heritage

Honey from American honeybees still contains radioactive fallout decades after nuclear tests

'People are not starving, they're being starved': millions at risk of famine, NGOs warn

Green New Deal Gets a Reboot: Democrats Say 'It Is a Revolution' While GOP Blasts It as 'Socialist Super-Package'

Bank climate pledges in doubt after U.S. giants sit out global agreement

Kerry: If U.S., China Had Zero Emissions It Would Not Solve the Climate Crisis

12 states urging Biden to ban gas and diesel cars by 2035

Manhattan to Stop Prosecuting Prostitution, Part of Nationwide Shift

Pro-Life Student Group Exposes Christian Universities with Ties to Planned Parenthood

Rep. Chip Roy Introduces Bill Prohibiting U.S. Taxpayer Money From Funding Forced Abortions In China

Florida woman accused of scamming people out of $100G for 'witchcraft services'

Commentary: Scientists Are Mixing Human Body Parts With Robots And Monkeys. We Don't Want To See What's Next

Cubans, amid medicine scarcity, turn to herbal remedies and bartering

India's second Covid wave hits like a 'tsunami' as hospitals buckle under weight

Oxygen Leak Kills at Least 24 COVID-19 Patients on Ventilators in Indian Hospital

Research finds new coronavirus variant potentially resistant to antibodies

The U.S. Is About to Run Out of People Who Want the Vaccine

Medical experts now claim COVID herd immunity is 'off the table,' citing 'independent-thinking' Americans

'I'm still a zero': Vaccine-resistant Republicans warn that their skepticism is worsening

Commentary: Vaccine-Hesitant Americans Aren't Ignorant Rubes, They're Understandably Cautious

Former Pfizer VP: 'Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.'

Biden warns if Americans don't get COVID jabs they might have to cancel July 4

Biden Pushes Employers to Provide Paid Time Off for COVID-19 Vaccinations

Scientist who helped develop Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine agrees third shot is needed as immunity wanes

An unvaccinated worker set off an outbreak at a U.S. nursing home where most residents were immunized.

Teen needs 3 brain surgeries after rare blood clots linked to Johnson & Johnson vaccine

Pfizer vaccine side effects: Six cases of shingles reported - are you at risk?

Thailand sticks with Sinovac vaccine after cases of 'stroke-like' side effects

J&J to resume rollout of COVID-19 vaccine in Europe with safety warning

Baltimore plant with contaminated Johnson & Johnson vaccines had multiple failures, unsanitary conditions, FDA says

Pfizer Identifies Fake Covid-19 Shots Abroad as Criminals Exploit Vaccine Demand

Leaked powerpoint from Saskatchewan gov't suggests sedating the disabled for COVID shot, without consent

Columbia: Vaccines are mandatory for students this fall - but so are masks and physical distancing

Rand Paul: If You Want More People Vaccinated Biden Should 'Burn His Mask' and Say Vaccine Means You're Safe

Florida company expands nationwide hand sanitizer recall for microbial contamination

After Son Takes His Own Life, Father Warns Against Extended Pandemic Lockdowns

6 Countries Where Elites Got Caught Using Coronavirus Crisis for Personal Gain

Conflict: Fauci's Daughter Is A Software Engineer At Twitter, A Company Which
Suspends People For Disagreeing With Her Father.

South Dakota's Noem Bans Vaccine Passports

Delta CEO expects COVID immunity proof for international flight but won't call it 'vaccine passport'

Airlines set to lose $47.7 billion in 2021

Despite low virus numbers, Israel among 116 countries added to US travel warning

Bill Limits Executive Power to Issue Travel Bans

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