Sermons of Jesus

Sermon on the mount: Matthew 5:1-7:29
   Beatitudes 5:3-12
   The light of the world 5:14-16

   The law 5:17-48
   The Lord's prayer 6:1-13
   Judge not others 7:1-5
   Beware of false prophets 7:15-20

   Seek and ye shall find 7:21-27

The forgiveness of sins: Matthew 9:1-13
Mission of the Disciples: Matthew 10:1-42

Jesus and John the Baptist: Matthew 11:2-30

Jesus and the Sabbath: Matthew 12:1-13

A house divided: Matthew 12:22-37

The sign of Jonas: Matthew 12:38-45

Kingdom greatness: Matthew 18:1-35

Authority of Christ: Matthew 21:23-27

Woe to Scribes and Pharisees: Matthew 23:1-39

Signs of the end: Matthew 24:1-31

The last supper: Matthew: 26:26-35

Traditions of men: Mark 7:1-13

What defiles man: Mark 7:14-23

Concerning divorce: Mark 10:1-12
Return of Christ: Mark 13:1-37

About John the Baptist: Luke 7:18-35

The Pharisees denounced: Luke 11:37-54

Be not afraid: Luke 12:1-12

Take no thought: Luke 12:22-34

Discipleship: Luke 14:25-35

The second coming: Luke 17:20-37

The end of time: Luke 21:5-36

Jesus meets Nicodemus: John 3:1-21

The Samaritan woman: John 4:5-42

Jesus equality with God: John 5:17-47

The bread of life: John 6:26-58

Light of the world: John 8:12-59

The good shepherd: John 10:1-18

The Son of God: John 10:22-42

Promise of the Holy Spirit: John 14:1-31

The true vine: John 15:1-27

The spirit of truth: John 16:1-16

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