Do Not Fret: Many believe we are in a terrible place at this time and it seems that all is lost. Not only this nation, but the whole world is deeply divided and in trouble because of evil spirits and principalities. read more

Listen To The Music: One thing that people seem to have in common among a world of division is music. As far back as the beginning of time, music has played it's roll in all cultures. read more

Rise of The Nones: There has been a dramatic shift in the past decade that stands to impact religion and politics, and those who do not affiliate with any specific religious tradition. read more

Proclaiming Victory: There are three very important declarations in the New Testament that effect us all in the present time as well as the future. read more

Can America Stand: The time will come when that strong and mighty nation, which is a terror to all both far and near, that conquering, destroying nation whose land the rivers divide, will bring forth gifts to the Lord of Hosts in Jerusalem, where He has placed His name. read more

Don't Tempt God: You know, it is pretty common today that we hear derogatory sayings towards Christians all the time; God dam it, Jesus Christ, Jesus freak, hypocrite, why does God do this to me? You may even hear, "If there was a God," why does He let all these evil things happen in the world? read more

The Great Apostasy: The great apostasy; are we seeing this in the world today? The answer is yes... We are in the time that the great apostasy begins to take place, and it has branched out to the four corners of the earth. What exactly does apostasy mean to the Christian and the church? read more

Strong In Spirit: In today's world most of us are fighting everyday to stay on top of things. Lack of money, time, and patience. Everything is moving so fast that people just can't keep up. For the average person it is like taking one step forward and two steps back. read more

Let Freedom Ring: When we celebrate independence day and speak of freedom, it brings to our attention the lives that were shed over the years for this country. We thank the men and women of the armed forces for their dedication and sacrifice that gave us this freedom. read more

All Around The World: Seven weeks had passed since the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and believers from all around (Jews and Gentiles alike), came gathering for Pentecost day. Suddenly there came a roaring sound as the "Holy Spirit" came upon everyone present at the house where they were meeting. read more

Don't Be Shaken: When the apostle Paul addressed the Thessalonians apparently his first letter was misunderstood, especially regarding the second advent of Christ. The Thessalonians had embraced the idea that Paul had taught that (the day of Christ was at hand), meant that Christ's second coming was about to occur very soon. read more

The Rebellious Child: Are these rebellious warnings of the end times, or present day experiences of the average family in our society? read more

Tried With Fire: Did you ever wonder what the end times "Day of the Lord" would be like? How judgment would take place, and how it happens? What is meant when you hear "tried with fire?" read more

Faith Not Works: When we think of faith, we can't think of anyone that had more faith than the apostle Paul. A Roman soldier who persecuted Christians till he was struck down by God and blinded on the road to Damascus. read more

Perilous Times: In the Second Epistle to Timothy, Paul urges Timothy to not have a "spirit of timidity" and to "not be ashamed to testify about our Lord." read more 

Spiritual Blessings: Did you ever wonder why you receive the blessings that our Heavenly Father graciously gives you? Did you know that these blessings are by the kindness and compassion of God, and have nothing to do with yourself? read more

Christ Brings Division: When we think of the end times it always focuses on the return of Christ and peace to the world. People get the idea that when Christ makes His appearance at the second advent that He is coming in peace. read more

Under The Law: When we think of the laws of God, we usually think of the ten commandments and the Old Testament laws of Moses. There are two laws here (Moses law and Gods law), that we must consider. read more

Twisted Scripture: We hear more and more about churches and ministries that twist the scripture to suit their ways, and that this would come about in the end times. So, how do we know when scripture is truth or not? read more

Fear Is The Enemy: Fear is a spiritual-warfare between you and the devil. Remember back in Matthew chapter 4, when Jesus was tempted by Satan after He was baptized? How did Jesus handle the situation? read more

Most Read Old Testament Scripture: Genesis 1:1: In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. read more

Most Read New Testament Scripture: John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. read more

Making Fun: In this world today we are always going to have wise-crackers and trouble makers come out of every generation. It appears that making fun of others has become part of our culture and is growing out of control. read more

No Rest For The Wicked: Did you ever wonder why the wicked always seem to get ahead? In today's world it appears that pride, status, wealth, and power are at the top of the list for many. read more

Eight Prophetic Events: We are approaching that time when we need to understand what is about to take place in the near future. Here is a brief overview of the end time events in prophecy. read more

Gods Rainbow An Eternal Promise: We see it in the sky after a rainy day when the sun shines through. A beautiful bow in the sky of awesome colors and radiance. But what does this beautiful phenomenon represent and why was it created? read more

Where Are The Dead: Many believe that when one dies they remain in some hole in the ground awaiting the resurrection, while others believe that when one dies they either go to heaven or hell. But the Bible does not say this at all. read more

He Is Risen: To set the stage, we will begin our study just after Jesus had performed one of His first and most remembered miracles. Turning the water into wine at a marriage ceremony in Cana of Galilee. read more

Mysteries of God: What are the mysteries of God, and to whom does He reveal them? Mysteries of God are spiritual truths known only by revelation. God reveals his mysteries to those who have faith in Him and are obedient to the gospel. read more

Abominations To God: What abominations (extreme disgust and dislikes) are deplorable to God? He gives us in great detail, the things that He detests and will not be tolerated with His children. read more

Beatitudes Vs. Woes: During the travels of Jesus, He went up on a mountain to teach His disciples one day. (He gave them the beatitudes). Then the crowds gathered around and Jesus saw them. He began speaking to the crowds as well as the disciples. read more

The Second Advent: As stated in Matthew 21, Jesus and the disciples approached Jerusalem and they came to the town of Bethpage on the Mount of Olives. Jesus sent two of the disciples ahead to a village so they could bring Him a donkey that would be tied there, with its colt beside it. read more

Highway To Hell: When we see all the evil deplorable things taking place in the world today; we can't help but think that we are all on the highway to hell. Satan's evil power has advanced upon the world, and we are taken to a new level in time that will hold the key to our future, or the destruction of a great nation. read more

War or Peace: With all the action going on here and abroad, we are getting close to the final days of this world age. We are past the part of wars and rumors of wars and are heading to the end of time where all the nations will cry peace, peace, peace. read more

Victory Over The Tempter: We all give into temptation at times, we are only human. As long as we are in these flesh bodies, the tempter (Satan), will always be right at out feet. It is common for him to prey on the weak and non-believers. read more

Breaking The Law: When we think of breaking the law, we usually think state, and federal laws of this country. However, what about the ten commandments? "Gods law." Does it still remain? "The answer is yes." The ten commandments still remain and we as a nation are breaking every commandment of God possible. read more

Spiritual Gifts: When we speak of spiritual gifts from God, we are not necessarily talking about gifts that please the flesh, but rather gifts that please God and the spirit. (i.e. The Holy Spirit). What exactly are some of these gifts? read more

Little Help From A Friend: To set the stage, Jesus had just finished giving instructions to His twelve disciples (Matthew 10), when He went off preaching in the cities where they were scheduled to go. This was about the time when John the Baptist was in prison. read more

Tough Times: When we see the world today, we know that everyone is going through tough times. It appears at times to be quite overwhelming for many, especially for those in the lower income bracket. Many get discouraged and feel that they will never get ahead. read more

The Beast Mark: Throughout the New Testament Christ warns us about Satan, his mark and being deceived, better known to many as the beast mark, or mark of the beast. Some believe we are to receive some physical mark on our body. Some believe it is an internal mark of deception and works. read more

America Gone Wild: America the beautiful, the super power of the world, chosen by God to be the peace keeper of the end times. But what has gone wrong? Has the United States gone astray from the values that this great nation was founded? read more

It's a Long Way There: When we try our best to be a Christian, at times, it just seems to be such a long way to the kingdom living in this world today. As every day passes, it appears that this country, as well as other countries of the world, are lacking in God's direction. read more

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