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Updated 2-19

IDF attacks underground infrastructure in Gaza

Sen. Bob Casey: Mueller would be 'mistaken' to release final Russia report close to midterms

John Kelly, Chinese officials caused commotion over nuclear football in Beijing, report says

World Vision Denies Sex Abuse Allegations as Controversy in Humanitarian Sector Escalates

Rush: We Need Concealed-Carry in Schools - 'Bashing the NRA Isn't Going to Do It'

Teenager arrested after threatening to blow up North Carolina school, police say

US wants Europeans to commit to improving Iran deal

Netanyahu, Iranian FM spar at Munich conference

Iranian foreign minister: Israel's 'myth of invincibility' has crumbled

Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran's 'empire'

Not just a gimmick: Netanyahu's drone stunt is a direct threat to Iran and Assad

Lieberman says legislation will end 'absurd theater' of PA salaries to terrorists

Trump Adviser on Christian 'Double Standard': What If Joy Behar Said 'Same Thing About Islam'

Hungarian leader calls Christianity 'Europe's last hope'

Trump says Russians 'laughing their a---s off' over US collusion probes

The middle east wars

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