Life In The Spirit: When we think of living our lives, most people think of living in the flesh. Yes, we must all live in the flesh with these bodies that our Heavenly Father has given us. read more


The Book of 3 John: John 3 summarizes what you have learned from the first two books, the Epistles of John and how to apply it to everyday life. read more 

The Book of Joel: Joel (Yahweh is God, The Lord is God), was said to be the son of Pethuel. The book was written around 488-477 B.C. He prophesied not like Hosea among the ten tribes, but he was a prophet of Judah. The Book of Joel is apocalyptic in nature, referring to a future invading army of locust in the day of the Lord. read more


The Good News: Uplifting inspirational stories from around the world that keeps us informed of positive news events and Christians hard at work. Plus trending news stories and current events effecting our daily lives across the globe. read more


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