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Prophecy news watch
News Update 12-7-16

Online petition calls on Trump to move US Embassy to Jerusalem

Mattis said Israel can be a pain, but few in pro-Israel camp seem to care. Why?

Israeli map reveals thousands of Hezbollah positions along border

Netanyahu: Submarines needed to ensure Israel can destroy those threatening it

Biblical sheep in Israel for first time in millennia

Syria: Celebrations as families return to homes in Aleppo

Merkel's call for burqa ban in Germany draws backlash

'Attack them in markets, roads and clubs,' Isil's new spokesman tells European followers

House Report: US facing biggest Islamic terror threat since 9/11

Could the European Union fall apart?

Obama calls defeat of terror by dropping more bombs a 'false promise'

Iran-style diplomacy needed for 'Israel and Palestine,' Obama says

Go to the lost sheep

Go to the lost sheep and bring forth the Word
(Matthew 10:6)

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