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Out of The Mouth of Babes: It is important for us all at times to bring ourselves down to a child's level of teaching and understanding. Kind of like when we first became Christians and started with the basics of learning the Word. read more

Evil Is As Evil Does: When we speak of evil we usually refer to a person rather than an action. We all have a little evil in us, but it is our actions that defines if we are an evil person or not. Hence the saying, "Evil is as evil does." read more

To The Seven Churches: Only two of the seven churches were pleasing to God because of what they taught. The two churches were the church of Smyrna and the church of Philadelphia. read more

Sign of The Times: When looking into the sign of the times we find that our Heavenly Father gives us plenty of scripture in the new and old testament that gives us the season or sign of Christ's return. read more

Body Soul Spirit: When we hear the phrase "body, soul, and spirit" we can think of man as a living (mortal) being trinity, just as the "Father, Son and the Holy Spirit" would be the full (immortal) Godhead Trinity. read more

    Out Of The Mouth Of Babes    Evil Is As Evil Does


Simon Tisdall: In breaking their fragile truce, Israel and Iran have opened a Pandora's box

Strike was meant to show Iran that Israel could paralyze its defenses, Western officials say

World braces for Iran-Israel cyberattacks following missile attack

Report: US deployed microwave missiles that can disable Iran's nuclear facilities

Iran preparing to receive shipment of Su-35 Russian fighter jets - report

'As though we're in Gaza': Hostage families rally ahead of Passover for their freedom

'Nowhere is safe': Fear and mourning inside the West Bank villages
where Israeli settlers went on the rampage

Rare bipartisan cooperation passes US House bill providing $95 billion aid
package to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan

'Moscow Marjorie' Taylor Greene, GOP rebels defeated as House
passes $61B in Ukraine aid package

Trump Was Forced to Listen Silently as Potential Jurors Offered Their
Unvarnished Assessments of Him

'Civil War': Hit New Film Is Propaganda for Corrupt Establishment Media 'Journalism'

Wave of 'Narco chemical terrorism' as cartel may soon 'drop fentanyl from drones'

Nearly 500 People Have Been Killed in School Shootings Since Columbine

Chronic wasting disease: Death of 2 hunters in US raises fear of 'zombie deer'

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