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Prophecy news watch

- Breaking News -

Obama administration dialed back counterproliferation efforts to secure Iran deal

US envoy Haley: 'It's a new day for Israel at the UN -
the world body must replace an anti-Israel obsession with a focus on dangers of Iran'

In Israel, international law grapples with 21st century war

Navy destroyer has close encounter with Iran vessel in Persian Gulf

Wild Boars Kill Three ISIS Members In Raid

Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists

Wesleyan University to Spend $220K Per Year on Queer, Transgender Student Center

German Jews fear growing Muslim anti-Semitism

PM's ultimatum to Germany causes 'serious harm' to ties, Herzog warns

White House 'plans to boost aid to PA - while cutting it everywhere else'

Saudi official calls settlements 'illegal' and 'obstacle to peace'

UNESCO head calls Temple Mount 'holiest place in Judaism'

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