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America Gone Wild


America the beautiful, the super power of the world, chosen by God to be the peace keeper of the end times. But what has gone wrong? Has the United States gone astray from the values that this great nation was founded? read more

Can America Stand


The time will come when that strong and mighty nation, which is a terror to all both far and near, that conquering, destroying nation whose land the rivers divide, will bring forth gifts to the Lord of Hosts in Jerusalem, where He has placed His name. read more

Don't Tempt God


You know, it is pretty common today that we hear derogatory sayings towards Christians all the time; God dam it, Jesus Christ, Jesus freak, hypocrite, why does God do this to me? You may even hear, "If there was a God," why does He let all these evil things happen in the world? read more


Daily picture scripture versus from the bible that will give us meaning and insight to the message from the prophets and disciples inspired by God. King James Bible

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