Prophecy News Update 9/17/2019


Oil shock hits a global economy that's already on shaky ground

Dow snaps 8-day winning streak on fears spiking oil will slow the global economy

Trump says U.S. does not need Middle East oil, but cargoes keep coming

Pentagon chief: US preparing response to attack on Saudi oil facility

Trump says US response to oil attack depends on Saudi Arabia's assessment

Recession fears have hit an all-time high, a new Bank of America survey shows

Wall Street May Get $40 Billion Reprieve From Trump Regulators

Trump on GM strike: Nobody is better to auto workers than me

"They Played It Up Pretty Big": Turmoil Engulfs the Times Over the Kavanaugh Debacle

Facebook to stop news headline changes from advertisers

Not everybody wants thoughts and prayers after a disaster, according to a study of hurricane survivors

NYC says 1.1M NYC students can skip school for climate strike protest

YouTube and Facebook have an illegal steroid problem, according to new report

Christian artists can't be forced to make same-sex wedding invitations, Ariz. Supreme Court rules

Baptist Church Makes History, Calls Transgender Pastor

For 1 in 16 US women, first sexual intercourse experience was rape, study says


Netanyahu vows to annex Hebron, Kiryat Arba after election

France, Jordan leaders 'share concern' over Netanyahu annexation plan

Ayelet Shaked: 'Trump's plan talks about a Palestinian state in Area C'

'Israeli' drone shot down in Gaza belonged to Palestinian terrorists

Netanyahu planned 'extraordinary' Gaza op after speech interrupted by rockets

Defense chiefs stymied Netanyahu plan to hit Gaza before elections

Israel's election campaign has been a religious war of words

Fearing trouble as Israel votes, record 20,000 cops deploying at poll stations

IDF troops in Afghanistan? What a US-Israel mutual defense treaty could mean

ISIS leader calls for 'caliphate soldiers' to free detainees from camps, continue attacks

At meeting with Rouhani, Putin praises Iran for helping Assad in Syria civil war

Brent crude oil jumps the most in history after Saudi attacks

Saudi attacks underscore evolving drone threat, experts say

The Saudi attack finds the oil market's Achilles heel

Rohingya still in Myanmar face 'threat of genocide': United Nations

Pakistan Warns Of "Accidental War" With India On Line Of Control

Freedom at risk of being 'lost' in Hong Kong, says pastor

Gertz: Xi Jinping Has Created a 'Communist Nightmare'

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