Prophecy News Update 5/26/2019

Iran can sink U.S. warships with 'secret weapons', military official says

Sending U.S. Troops to Middle East Is 'Extremely Dangerous' for Peace, Iran's Zarif Says

Nasrallah says 'deal of the century' is behind recent Iran-US tension

Hezbollah: Trump plan could end hope for Palestinian right of return

PA top negotiator urges 'all countries' to snub US peace summit in Bahrain

16 rioters injured during weekly Gaza border protests

Police: Settlers hurl rocks and slash tires of response force in West Bank

At rally, Gantz and Lapid vow they won't let Netanyahu turn Israel into Turkey

Violent Protests Erupt in Kashmir After Indian Forces Kill Militant

Trump downplays North Korean missile treat

Trump says 'I have confidence' after past North Korea missile tests

Trump and House committees reach deal to delay subpoenas of Trump's financial records

Doctored Nancy Pelosi video highlights threat of "deepfake" tech

Researchers can now use AI and a photo to make fake videos of anyone

EU vote faces new covert digital threats: report

How Silicon Valley gamed the world's toughest privacy rules

On autopilot: 'Pilots are losing their basic flying skills,' some fear after Boeing 737 Max crashes

Floods That Hit The Midwest In March Continue To Affect The Farm Economy

Dozens of Missouri highways across the state closed because of flooding

Pope weighs in as states debate abortion: It's like hiring a 'hitman to solve a problem'

'Revolution' in Poland as nation confronts priestly abuse

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Prophecy News Update