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Arab American groups offer to host PLO mission if shuttered by US

Abbas said to refuse White House call as ties freeze over PLO mission closure

Israeli Attempt to 'Legalize' Settler Homes Built on Private Palestinian
Land Gets Legal Backing

AG: Knesset can't seize Palestinian land for settler homes

Kuwaiti writer: There is no 'Palestine' and no occupation and says Israel is a
legitimate sovereign state, calls for alliance with it in order to "annihilate" Hezbollah

Iran's guards chief says disarming Lebanon's Hezbollah non-negotiable

Netanyahu to bridge troubled EU waters with first visit in 22 years

Liberman's party presses coalition to advance death penalty for terrorists

Lacking evidence, Germany releases Syrian terror suspects

Trump divulged to Russia details of a daring Israeli raid in Syria

Russia says expert body on Syria chemical attacks 'is dead'

Iraqi bill scrapping minimum age for marriage stirs outrage

Iran Sees Enemies Ganging Up as Israelis Talk Up Saudi Alliance

A Former Prisoner of North Korea Has Been Found Burned to Death in California

Exposing sexual misconduct is necessary to change horrible behavior,
NOT to score political points

The middle east war Since 1997