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The Locust Army: In Revelations 9, the fifth and sixth trump sounded. So, what was John talking about when he described the Locust Army? It has been believed by many Christian scholars, that this swarm of locust has been related to the Arab world and the rise of Islam, as well as the progress of the Mohammedan wars. read more

Eyes of The Watchman: When we hear the eyes of the watchman, or eyes of the spirit, what or who are we exactly speaking of? Are they the eyes of the angels of the Lord? Are they the eyes of God, or the Holy Spirit? What is their purpose, and what do they represent? read more

All To Remembrance: Have you ever wondered how much knowledge you really have? Things that went on in your past and things you learned and experienced as far back as you can remember. How about glimpses of a time that you can't quite remember, but know you have been there. read more

Baptism and Dedication: The difference between baptism and dedication varies among religious groups. Basically, in the Catholic and similar faiths, baptism is performed at an infant age and confirmation at an older age. read more

Spiritual Blessings: Did you ever wonder why you receive the blessings that our Heavenly Father graciously gives you? Did you know that these blessings are by the kindness and compassion of God, and have nothing to do with yourself? read more

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