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New Believers Topics

Christian Conversion: When we speak of Christian conversion, at times we think that there is going to be some dramatic or extraordinary transformation of a person physically and mentally. We may see a certain glow on the outside and there appears to be a peaceful spirit on the inside. read more

We Are All Sinners:  When we take a good look at ourselves from the inside out, it is hard to imagine anyone saying that they are not a sinner. I know it is something many hate to admit because of pride and those who are self-righteous. read more

New Beginning Faith Builders: You know it is quite true, that the way to a Godly life is not an easy matter. But the answer lies in Jesus Christ, Emmanuel, God with us. As stated in (1 Timothy 3:16), Christ came to earth as a man, proven spotless and pure in His spirit. read more

Little Help From A Friend: To set the stage, Jesus had just finished giving instructions to His twelve disciples (Matthew 10), when He went off preaching in the cities where they were scheduled to go. This was about the time when John the Baptist was in prison. read more

Faith Not Works: When we think of faith, we can't think of anyone that had more faith than the apostle Paul. A Roman soldier who persecuted Christians till he was struck down by God and blinded on the road to Damascus. read more

The Rebellious Child: Are these rebellious warnings of the end times, or present day experiences of the average family in our society? read more

Understanding The Bible: One of the biggest problems in Christianity and religion today is the misunderstanding of bible scripture. When the bible is not interpreted correctly, it leads to false teachings and traditions of men. It also leads people astray and into confusion. read more

Communicating With God:  When most people here the word bible, they think of it as just another book, or collection of stories that took place in past history. Some believe it to be true prophecy, and some believe it to be fables and opinions of the men who wrote it. read more

Put Your Lights On: When we see the light rising on a bright sunny day, we feel the warmth of the sun beaming down on mother nature and all life below. A warmth that makes us feel so good as the rays penetrate deep into our bodies. read more

The Gospel Armor:  When the apostle Paul addressed the Ephesians he talked of the unity and having a new life in Christ. He explained that there is one body and one spirit and that marriage is a symbol of the church. read more

Body Soul Spirit: When we hear the phrase "body, soul, and spirit" we can think of man as a living (mortal) being trinity, just as the "Father, Son and the Holy Spirit" would be the full (immortal) Godhead Trinity. read more

Victory Over The Tempter: We all give into temptation at times, we are only human. As long as we are in these flesh bodies, the tempter (Satan), will always be right at out feet. It is common for him to prey on the weak and non-believers. read more

How to Pray:  When we talk and pray to the Heavenly Father, remember that He is our Father. We need to speak to Him as a parent. He understands what we need even before we ask for it, and He would never put us in harms way. read more

The Anointing: The "anointing" of the "Holy Spirit" gives us power through Jesus Christ. However, lets not confuse this with the Anointed One. read more

The Book of Life: Do you ever wonder if you are written in the book of life? The Book of Life is the set of names of those who will live with God forever in heaven. It is the roll of those who are saved. This Book of Life is mentioned in many places of the bible. read more

The Mark of The Beast: Throughout the New Testament Christ warns us about Satan, his mark and being deceived, better known to many as the beast mark, or mark of the beast. Some believe we are to receive some physical mark on our body. Some believe it is an internal mark of deception and works. read more

Making Fun: In this world today we are always going to have wise-crackers and trouble makers come out of every generation. It appears that making fun of others has become part of our culture and is growing out of control. read more

New Mother Nature:  With out a doubt one of the most controversial topics among the general public today is the legalization of marijuana. It's concerns are not only about generating money, health, addiction, and danger to the community, but the moral and spiritual aspects as well. read more

The Great Apostasy: The great apostasy; are we seeing this in the world today? The answer is yes... We are in the time that the great apostasy begins to take place, and it has branched out to the four corners of the earth. What exactly does apostasy mean to the Christian and the church? read more

Beatitudes Vs. Woes: During the travels of Jesus, He went up on a mountain to teach His disciples one day. (He gave them the beatitudes). Then the crowds gathered around and Jesus saw them. He began speaking to the crowds as well as the disciples. read more

Under The Law: When we think of the laws of God, we usually think of the ten commandments and the Old Testament laws of Moses. There are two laws here (Moses law and Gods law), that we must consider. read more

Most Read New Testament Scripture: John 3:16: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. read more